The Influencing Option
The Art of Building a Profit Culture in Business

Paper: 978 1 906403 60 7 / $24.95
Published: November 2010  

Publisher: Global Professional Publishing
200 pp., 6 1/4" x 9 1/2"
Although position power may afford short-term results and compliance, the constant upkeep of such of interactions can be exhausting, not to mention wreak havoc via highly negative impacts on business results in the long-term. Though many books on the market today address leadership techniques, styles and philosophies, none actually help those leaders talk to people via a language and philosophy that works for the long-term.

The Influencing Option is rooted firmly in values and behavior-based principles of influencing (as opposed to commanding or ordering) which supports integrity and drives commitment. This influencing model offers multiple options so that those who use it are able to gain behavioral commitment without relying on conflict, heavy-handed authority or guilt. Instead, specificity and candor are among its most compelling tools.

This unique model for leadership communication has proven its ability time and again to develop loyal and lasting followings of participants and practitioners. Libby Wagner runs workshops in companies large and small across the US. Typically, graduates of these courses want to know how they can bring this pragmatic, uplifting model into their current organization.

And the time is right for such a book! Harvard Business Review recently focused an issue on “rebuilding trust” by exhorting leaders to step up to such critical business challenges as loss of faith in business leaders and gross violations of ethical business conduct. The cry to “lead with integrity” is growing as business searches for ways its leaders can take the high road in managing as they evolve “commitment cultures” that are at once transparent, participatory and sustainable. Influencing as a leadership/management strategy can fill this need.

The Influencing Option shows how to integrate “influencing training skills” steeped in respect, empathy, specificity and genuineness and thus fill a need unmet by current leadership/management books on the market.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: A Poet Defines a Profit Culture

Chapter 1
Leading in a Profit Culture: Creating a Success Mindset First

Chapter 2
Giving Yourself Permission and Holding Yourself Accountable: Defining Your Leadership Voice

Chapter 3
Gaining Trust: It’s Not About Falling Backwards

Chapter 4
Articulating Your Vision: Be Specific. Be Specific. Be Specific.

Chapter 5
On the Same Page: Influencing Commitment on a Team

Chapter 6
“By That I Mean . . .” Asking for What You Want

Chapter 7
Stating the Obvious: Dealing With Issues and Confronting What Needs to Be Done

Chapter 8
Entering and Embracing the Conversation: Creating and Influencing Specific Relationships

Chapter 9
The Hidden Costs of Short-Term Compliance: Beyond “Because I Said So . . .”

Chapter 10
A Transformational Workplace: Committing to and Sustaining a Profit Culture

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"Many books today offer leadership techniques, styles and philosophies that purport to overcome negatives. However none prescribe an all-out "influencing option" that can actually educate business leaders to language and behavior that will yield results in both the short- and long-term while reversing the usual negative impacts. Fourtunately, Libby Wagner's new book, The Influencing Option achieves this."
- Retail Observer
“If business is art and science, than who better than a consultant and poet to synergize the traits? Libby Wagner’s The Influencing Option is a tour de force!"
- Alan Weiss, PhD , Author, Million Dollar Consulting and Thrive!