Financial Crime and Money Laundering
Including Anti-Money Lending Policies and Control Systems

Paper: 978 1 906403 90 4 / $42.00
Published: September 2013  

Publisher: Global Professional Publishing
300 pp., 6 3/4" x 9 1/4"
This book describes the types of financial crime, the consequences of it and how to reduce the levels of crime. It deals with the various types of criminal offences in financial crime from straightforward fraud to counterfeit money and identity theft and others, and technology-based crimes including hacking, phishing and malware.

It covers the increasingly important area of money laundering and shows the importance of anti-money laundering policies. Financial market crime such as insider dealing and market abuse are also covered as well as the relevant control systems and audits both internal and external.

Table of Contents:
The nature of financial crime
Types of financial crime
The range and forms of technology-based crimes
Understand money laundering
The importance of anti-money laundering policies
Insider dealing
The relevant control systems

Ken Rijock's Book Review

Reviews & Endorsements:
"Each chapter guides the reader through the elements of the crime, and the red flags that assist in identifying the specific varieties. It explains how to discover and prevent the crime, covers reporting issues, details what your responsibilities are, and tell you how to respond. The use of bullet points enables the reader to quickly find the needed material."
- Ken Rijock, Money Laundering Analyst , Kenneth Rijock's Financial Crime Blog