Insuring Success
An Insurance Professionals Guide to Increased Sales, a More Rewarding Career, and an Enriched Life

Paper: 978 1 909170 03 2 / $29.95
Published: March 2014  

Publisher: Global Professional Publishing
270 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
This is a must-have book for those in the insurance industry—agents who want to increase their income, accelerate their professional growth, build their book of business, and enrich their lives. It will be a guide to finding new prospects, retaining existing clients, for creating strong relationships, and ultimately helping people and businesses to properly protect their futures.

For agency owners, it will be a guide on how to attract and recruit top talent into the industry and their business and how to build long-term sustainability through any economic cycle. Insurance company executives will also learn how to build their teams to better serve their clients and the agents that sell their products.

The book will also include appendices (online and published in the book) to act as a “just-in-time” resource for agents. It will include topics such as:

* A checklist for agents to review types of insurance a client might need based on family objectives, career choices, and different lifestyle choices
* A guide to overcoming common objections
* Best strategies for networking event

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Volatility Exposed
Chapter 2: The Trinity
Chapter 3: The Good Old Boy Finally Died
Chapter 4: Hi Tech, Hello Touch
Chapter 5: Stop Cold Calling
Chapter 6: The Rare Art of the Referral
Chapter 7: The Closer
Chapter 8: The Holy Grail
Chapter 9: The Errors of Commission
Chapter 10: Who’s on Deck?
Chapter 11: Jumping Out of the Plane
Chapter 12: Looking in the Crystal Ball
Chapter 13: Get a Life

Reviews & Endorsements:
“Dan Weedin has the rare capability of helping customers by turning abstract concepts into tangible benefits, bringing an entirely more dramatic sales process to insurance sales and related services.“

- Alan Weiss, author of Who's Got Your Back? by GPP