Nego Logic

Paper: 978 1 909170 06 3 / $22.95
Published: April 2014  

Publisher: Global Professional Publishing
206 pp., 5 4/5" x 9"
We are all more capable than we are consciously aware. NegoLogic introduces numerous ways to put this hidden reservoir to use in our daily commercial interaction.

It isn’t just the details that make us decide, but the manner in which we reach that point. In other words, verbal and nonverbal communication that plays such a large role in NegoLogic. People do not separate impulses from decisions, yet it is the impulse that often gives us the boost to decide. We should make use of that knowledge.

After reading NegoLogic you will be able to:
* Recognize and correct patterns of behavior that work against you
* Change your perception of winning
* Improve your overall qualities during commercial interaction.

Reviews & Endorsements:
"[Nego Logic] is a solid negotiation skills book, but much more - a valuable perspective of negotiation itself. Recommended."
- John D. Baker, Ph.D., Editor , The Negotiator Magazine
“Enthralling, absolutely plausible and understandable!”
- Professor Ruedi Käch , University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland